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NU2U Consignment Fashions

Jackson Premium Outlets

537 Monmouth Rd.

suite 192

Jackson, NJ 08527


Current Hours: 
Monday - Closed

Summer hours begin May 1st: 

Tuesday – Thursday 11am - 5pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10 - 5pm 

Facebook & Instagram Live Shopping Tues - Fri afternoons  

For TEXT notifications about Live Shopping & other updates text NU2U to 877-378-5078

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We accept based on the seasons:
Spring: Jan, Feb, March, April
Summer: April, May, June, July
Fall: Aug, Sept, Oct (warmer colors & fabrics) 
Winter: Nov, Dec (heavy clothing)
No business suits, undergarments, real fur coats, gowns, fast fashion (She*n, B**H**,M*ss X) baby/children , housewares
*MEN'S ITEMS: New or near new & trendy. NO SUITS or slacks / business attire.
*TOPS are the #1 seller* Heels are a slow seller, so we're super selective. Purses, Perfume, Jewelry, Luxury Labels are all welcome 
TERMS: 45 Day Consignment (plus a 5 day grace period IF you want to pick up any item that may not have sold)
NO Fee to Consign, NO fee for payment
The store earns 
60% , the consignor earns 40% 
Drop & Shop if your items are "prepared" & perfect for resale 
With this option, we don't go through them while you wait. Soiled, damaged, fast fashion, out of season, odor, dated, etc. will be donated.
PLEASE put your name or account # in each item: a return address label or piece of masking tape to identify your items~ 
we remove it when we put our tag on.

PREPARED: laundered, as wrinkle free as possible including the brand label. Clothing on hangers, NOT garbage bags or totes.
A detailed inventory list will be emailed to you. We'll donate any item that is not prepared, has pet fur, odor or defects. 
The better your item looks, the more likely it is to sell.   

*Appointments needed if you want your passed on items back
Please do not bring dozens of pieces and ask us to pick what we want, unless you're donating to NU2U. The intake process is a labor intensive part of consignment that requires time & focus. We are a small team, so while inspecting, hanging, pricing & ticketing, we're not able to focus on shoppers.  Please don’t take a "No, Thank you" personally. We are professionals and won't accept what we don't think we could sell for you.
Fri-Sun is reserved for shoppers. Your items will be processed the following week.
*If your relationship with your items is not over, you're not ready to consign*
If you would like to pick up unsold items, please come during the week and be mindful of shoppers. This process still requires a attention  from the NU2U staff and we'd like to focus on incoming inventory and shoppers.  

♻ NU2U is an independantly owned consignment store (not part of any chain or organization) - We offer a retail enviroment to sell your fashion items ~ Circular / Slow fashion

📅The consignment period is 45 days. You receive 40% of the price that's set by the store.

If anything does not sell in those 45 days, you'll have a 5 day grace period to pick up (if you wish). EARLY pick up fee will be applied if you pick up prior to 45 days.   Expired items are store property day 51 ~ we can sell or donate any expired items.

🆓 There is no fee to consign. No fee to get paid. No fee to follow your sales on-line

💲 Payout - You can shop with your earnings, receive a cash payout if less than $25, Venmo, Zelle, Check (in person or mailed). Payouts are not automatic - Call during store hours, email or come in to request a payout. 

*Account information will not be addressed over social media.

About & Contact

Thank you for your interest in NU2U consignment Fashions, a sustainable fashion store. Circular fashion is not a trend but a way of life that can not only save you money, but can make you money! Shopping & consigning fashions is caring for our earth by reducing our carbon footprint with a sustainable closet.

NU2U is independently owned & operated by Lori Almeida, a life-long area resident who has embraced second hand since childhood. 

Many people are familiar with NU2U from its Hamilton Square location, where it opened in 2013 (owned by Lori since 2018). The March 2020, Covid-19 shut down coincided with the relocation to Millstone Twp., where it opened in June 2020.

*NU2U moved to the Jackson Premium Outlets in 9/1/21 and moved again 9/1/23 to a larger suite - still next to the food court. 



 NU2U Consignment Fashions

Jackson Premium Outlets, 537 Monmouth Rd., suite 192

Jackson, NJ 08527


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Fashion has been excessive for too long! Overproduction & Overstock often ends up in landfills. Together let's disrupt it by displacing the need for new production diverting it from landfills and offset carbon emissions. Together we will make a positive impact! 

Shop secondhand first and extend the life of your quality pre-loved fashions by consigning with NU2U!

PLEASE BYOB (bring your own re-usable bag).  

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